A open laptop shows the new online version of Friday Night at the ER

We are launching a virtual version of Friday Night at the ER in early 2024!

Adapted for online programs, vFNER will deliver the same lessons and real-time team interaction as our tabletop game, but at a whole new level of accessibility and ease. All your learners will need is a computer and a modern web browser to participate in online group learning programs.

vFNER will have fresh new visuals, video instructions for participants, numerous time-saving automations and a variety of user-friendly features to guide you and your learners through the experience.

For facilitators, there will be an online dashboard where you can schedule game sessions, manage participant rosters, distribute game links and monitor progress mid-game. A new, flexible pricing structure will be included with the option to purchase seats up front in bulk or pay per participant at the time of scheduling a session.

Pricing for Participant Seats and Facilitator Certification

Special offers for your first order:

Purchase certification for one facilitator and get free certification for a second.
Purchase 60+ seats and get free certification for two facilitators.

Facilitator Certification Course

Use the form to register for our certification course and get all the skills and tools you need to facilitate vFNER effectively on your own.

  • Participate in two live online facilitator training sessions (5 hours total).
  • Experience the virtual game play with a group and learn how to facilitate it.
  • Get a facilitator account and learn how to schedule game sessions, build participant rosters, and manage groups mid-game.
  • Access program slides and other resources.
  • Facilitate two practice sessions and complete reflection exercises (4-8 hours total).
  • Receive feedback and support from your instructor and peers.

2024 Certification Dates & Times:

  • Cohort 1: March 14 + March 28 (Certified April 11)
    • March 14: 12-3 pm Eastern
    • March 28: 12-2 pm Eastern
  • Cohort 2: March 20 + April 3 (Certified April 17)
    • March 20: 1-4 pm Eastern
    • April 3: 1-3 pm Eastern


It depends on your needs, but all thing being equal, we recommend the tabletop game as the optimal version of this experience.

The virtual version is primarily designed for remote learning, which has been a growing need especially since the pandemic. Here are the main reasons to consider using the virtual version:

  • Supports remote learning
  • Smoother, more efficient game experience
  • Facilitator convenience: easy set up, no meeting space, no travel
  • Flexible payment options, including pay as you go
  • Optimized for scaling

Yes, facilitator training is required for now. We may remove this requirement as we build out on-demand resources for facilitators to train and support themselves. The certification process includes a combination of two live online sessions and practice sessions on your own. You can expect certification to take a total of 9-13 hours.

We have scheduled two cohorts and more are coming soon. You can register when you place your order using the order form above. Cohort 1: March 14 + March 28 (Certified April 11) / Cohort 2: March 20 + April 3 (Certified April 17).

The maximum is 100 participants per session, however we strongly recommend practicing with smaller groups first and enlisting plenty of support for large groups. The minimum group size is 4, but we recommend at least 8 so there are some differences in team behaviors and performance scores, which will enrich the debrief.

A laptop or desktop computer, a modern web browser, and, if you are running your program remotely, your preferred video conferencing platform such as Zoom.

We are building vFNER to be compatible with phones and tablets, but the early versions will only work on laptop or desktop computers.

Free Webinars

Fri, Mar 15, 2024

9 a.m. PST / 12 p.m. EST
1 hour

Or send us an email to request a private webinar for your group.