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Several groups of four adults are seated at round tables playing Friday Night at the ER simulation game

Simulation Game (1 hour)

The game is like a practice field. Teams see the results of their actions play out in front of them, and they have the opportunity to make changes during the game to improve performance.

Bette Gardner leads a group of adults seated at round tables in a team-building session using a tabletop simulation game

Group Debrief (1.5 – 2 hours)

After scores are calculated, participants engage in a debrief that includes team reflection, guided group discussion, didactic presentation and tasks that help turn the lessons into action.

From silo thinking to systems thinking

Friday Night at the ER challenges teams of four to manage a busy hospital during a simulated 24-hour period that takes just one actual hour. Group size can range from 4 to 200+.

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