Friday Night at the ER teaches people to collaborate across functional boundaries to achieve system goals. The game is useful to people in all industries and with varied levels of knowledge and experience. It’s adaptable to meet a variety of specific objectives, and it’s suitable with small or large groups.

Examples of objectives, settings and outcomes

Video Example: Using the Game for Healthcare Education

See how Friday Night at the ER can be used to teach systems thinking to improve healthcare quality and safety. Hear from educators and leaders at the 2019 QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) International Forum in Cleveland, OH.

Examples of objectives

  • Improve collaboration across business units
  • Prepare groups for a major change initiative
  • Introduce principles and methods of Systems Thinking, Balanced Scorecards, Process Improvement, Lean, or other disciplines
  • Clarify success factors and support leadership development in areas such as self-directed work teams, customer satisfaction, conflict management, change management
  • Team building

Examples of settings

  • An early meeting of a new, cross-functional project team
  • Leadership development, strategic planning or team-building retreat
  • A training course
  • Orientation program for new employees

Examples of outcomes

  • Guiding principles for working together; improved ability to work together
  • New or heightened awareness about;
    • the need to collaborate, to share responsibility for organization performance
    • the presence of mental models and their impact on behavior and decision-making
    • the role of information and feedback in decision-making
  • Insight about the underlying structure in organizations that drives behavior and motivation for change
  • Personal insight about the effectiveness of one’s management and communication practices
  • Improved competence in applying a newly learned discipline

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