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Four managers in business attire play a tabletop simulation game as a team building activity and to break down silo thinking

How will teams manage their busy hospitals?

Friday Night at the ER® challenges teams of four to manage a hospital during a simulated 24-hour period. What they learn will surprise them!

Successful teams apply three core strategies—moving from silo thinking to systems thinking—to improve their organization’s performance.

How is the game used?

The hospital scenario in the game is a metaphor; the simulation experience is designed to resemble any organization where the parts must work together to achieve system goals.

Learn about the diverse objectives, settings and outcomes spanning groups at all levels and across industries.

We support educators, trainers, consultants and organizational leaders. Here’s what they think.

Headshot of Kathleen Winningham, Senior Manager of Disney University Operations and Leadership Programs at The Walt Disney Company

“Friday Night at the ER is a great game – brilliantly created. We leverage it very effectively to depict the interdependence across all departments and emphasize some of the core skills we want to infuse into our program…” Read more

Kathleen Winningham, Senior Manager of Disney University Operations and Leadership Programs, The Walt Disney Company

Headshot of Lisa Bichsel

“You can see how effectively a team communicates, how they work together under pressure, how risk averse they are. Do they play by the rules or are they looking for creative and innovative ways to solve common problems? It’s amazing all that can be discussed during a debrief with the team. I see it as a fit for any organization and any composition of players.”

Lisa Bichsel, Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare

Headshot of David C. Aron, Professor of Medicine and Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University

“It’s a very approachable game. It’s something that students can appreciate, they can sink their teeth into, they can get engaged with. So the message comes through without…” Read more

David C. Aron, MD, MS, Professor of Medicine and Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

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