Exciting news! We are creating a new video of the game instructions to save you valuable prep and game time. Soon, starting a game program will be easier than ever. Even better, the new video will be free  our gift to you as we near the end of our 30th anniversary.

Video instructions of Friday Night at the ER

It’s always been important to deliver the game instructions carefully, but we admit it could be easier and more engaging. Soon, instead of reading or memorizing the script, which can be tedious, you will have the option of showing the new animated video.

Using it will:

  • Save you time. The new video will take less than 20 minutes, eliminate the need to memorize the instructions and minimize player interruptions.
  • Improve the player experience. We are pairing step-by-step directions with animations to help players understand the instructions more easily.
  • Build consistency. The video will ensure all groups receive the same instructions, leading to a more consistent game experience for everyone.
  • Give you less to worry about. From set up to preparing your debrief, you already have plenty to do. The new video will deliver the instructions for you.

Once the video is available, you will be able to access it in the Downloads section of the Support Center. Stay tuned for the big launch – we will let you know as soon as the video is live!

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