Great news! You can now download all printed materials and slides straight from our new Support Center. Simply log in, look for the Downloads tab, and click on what you need.

You’ll find everything from the Team Name Card to the Presentation Slide Deck. Even optional paperwork such as the Force Field Analysis Handout is available.

You can also download an electronic version of the Guide for Facilitators if you misplace the copy that came with your game kit. It’s not printable – we sell professionally bound copies for $55 – but it’s now visible in its entirety from any electronic device.

As a reminder, anyone who is a customer can access our Support Center, but you will have to create an account first. It’s easy! Just go to the Support Center and follow the prompts. Once you’re logged in, you can also search help articles, exchange ideas with other users in the Community Forum, and send us product feedback.

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