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Participate in an expert-led gameplay and debrief (Day 1). Facilitator training available (Day 2).
January 4-5, 2017 in Frederick, MD
Improving Cross-Functional Collaboration and Teamwork
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Get Trained to Deliver Successful Programs
The best and fastest way to become successful using Friday Night at the ER is to get trained. Most people will find that attending a training session for certification dramatically boosts their skills and confidence in program design and delivery. Certification is not required, but we do recommend it! We offer Demo & Training workshops to the public year-round. We also deliver private, on-site training sessions upon request.
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Host a Public Workshop at Your Facility
You may qualify to host a future workshop. Hosts will benefit by having a demo and training program delivered on-site. Hosts help market the event, provide the space and light meals in exchange for complimentary seats to the on-site event. We handle registration and deliver the program. Interested? Please get in touch.